Game is up for Windows!

It is here!!!

Within a little less than a week we have it folks! I give you all: Cosmic Connections! 

Now that the game is launched I implore everyone to send me back critiques, I'll take them into consideration for when I buff this baby up! Any grammatical errors or spelling errors will be fixed for a patch update, just because I wish for no one else to suffer my writing errors.

I do not have that great of a reach, so I encourage y'all to share this, spread the link to this game to anyone you think would like this game! This is my first visual novel experience, it gave me a a lot of good learning experiences that I'd love to share further in detail in another post, but for now this is my tiny flag wagging victory.  Small steps, but good ones nonetheless.

I'll try my best to stitch together a fun little promo video on youtube to share, but for now I'm going to sleep and hope y'all like it <3 


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75 days ago

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